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Entrepreneur by nature, António Alves Cálem founded Porto Cálem in 1859. With trading regime established in Douro region in 1865, he saw an opportunity across the Atlantic. When everyone else was exporting port wine to the British Isles and other European countries, he began shipping to Brazil, trading port wine for exotic wood.

Trading with Brazil and later the rest of the world, Cálem acquired its own merchant fleet. Just like the Portuguese navigators, the dream of founder was passed down the generations of his family. His son, António Alves Cálem Junior, became a partner of the company, and its name changed to A.A. Cálem & Filho S.A.

Cálem Port expanded and made its heritage a whole world of wine. The following generations worked hard to project the brand across the globe, winning awards for the elegance, character and quality of its wines.

The Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world, grew the grapes. The cellars of Gaia aged the wine. And António Alves Cálem planned the enterprise. Dauntless, he prepared for an adventure that is still ongoing four generations later.

Quinta do Arnozelo is situated in the sub region of the Douro Valley; Douro Superior.

To serve a Cálem Port is to offer distinction, tradition and excellence.

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