Quinta do Pégo
Colheita 2011

Quinta do Pégo Colheita 2011


Quinta do Pégo Colheita 2011 has been produced by winemaker Manuel Henrique and consultant Wouter Pienaar from South Africa. It is an exceptional, very fruity and full-bodied Colheita with high elegance of taste, where the balance between youth and maturity is perfect. The treading of the grapes has taken place in the traditional lagars and the wine has been aged in 600 litres oak casks for about 8 years. The personality of this wine provides all the essential features for a wine of endless longevity.


Deep amber/ruby colour.


Fresh and intense fruity aromas with great harmony between concentrated fruit and balsamic notes, vanilla, caramel and spices.


In the mouth, this Colheita Port is full and creamy presenting elegant and very persistent finish. The dense, but still silky, tannins give depth to the wine. It is a wine of great potential, reflecting the year 2011.


Prolonging what Mother Nature has been able to produce, this elegant wine has matured for 8 years in oak casks.

Serving Suggestion

This Colheita ought to be served chilled and is perfect as an ”after-dinner-drink” or together with strong cheese, chocolate and desserts, but it is also perfect on its own. Port should be enjoyed chilled.


Quinta do Pégo