Limited edition

Port Christmas Calendar

Limited edition

Port Christmas Calendar

Exciting and unique journey of taste

Come along on an exciting and unique journey of taste in the world of port from 1st to 24th December

You will be tasting 24 different ports. Every day you will get a new taste experience from one of the three port houses Poças, Rozès or Quinta do Pégo.

There will be White ports and different Tawny ports - both with and without age. There will be varieties of Ruby and Lágrima and there will be Colheita, Late Bottled Vintage and Vintage Port in different vintages.

Every day at this site you will be able to open a virtual window, where you will find information about "today's port" and the port house having produced this particular port.

This is the first time Vintage Port has been approved to be bottled in small bottles

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24 carefully selected ports of very high quality

Ruby • Over 40 Years old Tawny • Lágrima • Colheita • White Port • Late Bottled Vintage • Vintage Port